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May 22, 2019

On this episode: Horrifying statues! Sparkly Batman! Shatner! Also, fab new musical theatre documentary 'Bathtubs Over Broadway; More Burly and Vaudeville history talk; Cult 80's kid's film 'The Goonies' and much more ...

00:00 - 20:37 Intro, freaky statues, Robert Pattinson as Batman, William Shatner in 'Columbo'

Lucille Ball statue

Beckham statue prank video

Shatner on 'Columbo' - best of video

20:37 - 38:20 'Bathtubs Over Broadway' documentary


'My Bathroom' song from 'The Bathrooms Are Coming'

'Young Man's Fancy' (my electric dress) MST3K

38:20 - 55:06 The conjoined Hilton Sisters and history of Burlesque

Interview with Leslie Zemeckis

'Bound By Flesh' trailer

'Behind The Burly Q' trailer

55:06 - 1:16:20 Our thoughts on cult 80's kid's film 'The Goonies'

Original Trailer

Where Are They Now?

1:16:20 - 1:18:44 Outro and contact details