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Jul 3, 2019

On this episode: 'Good Omens' TV Series; Queer cult classic 'The Boys In The Band'; Two Burlesque documentaries - 'Getting Naked' and 'Heart Of The Glitter Tribe'; and the usual bunch of weird stuff :)

00:00 - 25:00 Intro, Listener Links and Reactions

Luke Kelly statue

Tickle Me Elmo on fire

25:00 - 42:00 'Good Omens' Tv Series


42:00 - 54:20 'The Boys In The Band'

Harold's entrance

54:20 - 1:00:40 Wine Corner + Listener Link

1:00:40 - 1:31:05 'Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story'

'Burlesque: Heart Of The Glitter Tribe

'Heart Of The Glitter Tribe' trailer

'Getting Naked' trailer

1:31:05 - 1:32:52 Outro and contact details